Harmful drinking/using habits should be addressed at a very early stage, before problems become severe.  Harm reduction is a worthwhile goal, and outcome studies indicate that brief targeted intervention programs are cost effective and successful at reducing recidivism in offenders. Stages of change aims to bridge the gap and provide access to services that address risk patterns and behavior before more consequential and costly interventions are needed.

Our program is designed to helps individuals resolve their ambivalence towards programming, by employing cognitive behavioral approaches that aim to evoke rapid and internally motivated change that will remain after the completion of programming.

A central element of our program is to help clients:

  • Explore the positive and negative consequences of continued drug use
  • Engage in self-monitoring
  • Challenge beliefs and attitudes that may be contributing to risk behavior
  • Anticipate likely problems
  • Learn to recognize risk patterns that might put one at risk for misuse, abuse or problems that may result
  • Enhancing self-control by helping them develop effective coping strategies.
  • Develop healthy strategies for coping life stressors

Alchohol and Drug Assessments

If your client is facing legal charges due to alcohol or drug use? Or perhaps consequences at work or school? I provide chemical health evaluations (also known as a chemical health assessment, Alcohol Use Assessment, Rule 25 or CD assessment). The purpose of the chemical health assessment is to determine the level of risk the client is facing due to alcohol and drug abuse.

If a chemical use assessment is recommended or required for court related proceedings Stages of Change has qualified staff that will provide a complete assessment on a timely basis.

Stages Of Change Center counselors are Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LADC).

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Alcohol and Drug Education Classes

Stages of Change Center offers Alcohol and Drug Education Workshops, sometimes referred to as DUI/DWI classes, Chemical Awareness or alcohol and drug education programs). These classes/workshops are for individuals who have committed alcohol or drug related offenses (ie driving, possession, controlled substance offense, etc) but do not require intensive intervention. We offer a Level I (4 credit hours) and Level II (total 8 credit hours) Level III (12 credit hours) Level IV (15 credit hours) and Level V (20 credit hours). DWI classes may be recommended for individuals who:

  • Are involved in a driving offense involving drinking or drugs
  • Report misusing alcohol or drugs and have a driving-related offense on their record
  • Have been suspended from work for due to a failed drug screen
  • Have been charged with an offense where alcohol or drugs are involved directly or indirectly in the offense

There is no assessment required for participation in our alcohol and drug education classes.

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