About Stages of Change

Thank you for your interest in Stages of Change Center. Our goal is to help you resolve consequences and barriers so you can move forward. We provide evaluations and various education classes, lead by licensed alcohol and drug counselors, and trained facilitators.

Our staff have a combined experience of studying and working in the field of Chemical & Behavioral Health for over 26 years. For the past 13 years Stages Of Change Center, has built the platform to provide assessments, prevention and early intervention programming online. Raising awareness and helping our clients gain insight into issues on alcohol/drug use, domestic and non intimate abuse, develop healthier coping strategies for dealing with life stressors and improving interpersonal relationships is our goal and our passion.

Payment Options at Stages Of Change Center

  • All programs and evaluations are self-pay.
  • We accept Discover, AMEX, Visa, Mastercard, and cash.
  • Payments are due at the time of booking/registration. Please contact us at 507-519-2285 if you have additional questions.


This week I was thrown a curve ball and my DWI from over three years ago was tossed back into my lap. I was told I needed to be assessed and checked into a treatment center, have an ignition interlock installed into my car, and I also needed to attend a 10 hour class. Well me being over three years sober now had a melt down, I couldn’t understand why I was being pulled backwards. I decided I needed to just deal with things head on and I looked up places in Mankato where I could have an assessment done. I found Stages of Change Center and booked myself an assessment. I was blessed to have met a woman named Angel who happens to be the owner of the center. She helped me more today than I could ever thank her for. She knew the right questions to ask and who to contact. Keep in mind I was l charged with my DWI out of state in Missouri. It was a bit of a challenge but she was absolutely an angel! If you know anyone who is seeking a drug or alcohol assessment, drug and alcohol classes, coaching, or need intervention programs I highly recommend giving her a call. She’s one of kind, she truly cares and wants to help.

Sam T.

Entered a 5 session counciling with Angel. She is very knowledgeable and professional and help me realize the issues at hand and how to deal with them. You don’t have to be addicted to alcohol or drugs she can help you before you are. I highly recommend Angel.

Jeff H., Counseling Sessions
I just completed my 10 week course today! Being able to do it from home was a huge benefit as I watch my grandkids during the day and I live in Waseca! I was comfortable with Angel and love her down to earth attitude! I learned a lot about myself and change will take time! Like everything else you only get out of it what you put in! Highly recommend this way of doing Cog-skills thank you for the opportunity to better myself!
Angie M.

Going into the 10wk class I had my doubts about the benefits of this class. It completely surprised me! I learned way more than I thought I could and it was an extremely comfortable environment to share and grow in. Extremely convenient (especially being a SAHM) to attend the classes from home on my phone.

Danielle M., Adult Cognitive Skills Class
First and foremost, Assessments, Domestic violence, substance abuse related issues are difficult to navigate through as an individual. Angel and her staff help to clear those murky waters with open group discussion, singular 1 on 1 meetings, and they help to guide individuals to serve a greater purpose in life. If you choose to better yourself, you will realize in these courses that your life is NOT over, your reputation isn’t tarnished, and you can take this opportunity to push yourself to new limits that set a bar for the present.
The staff are professional
The dreams and goals are attainable
The course instructor puts passion and courage into the work involved with turning lives around.
Affordable and accessible
With this staff and their level of compassion and professionalism, you need to look no further. The choice is yours – are you ready to take a deep dive into yourself? If your ready for change, I would take these steps.
Thank you Angel and Staff.
I definitely recommend this program! Angel is a wonderful presenter of the information and keeps all the classes very interesting and enjoyable!! Even better, I was able to do a live skype online so I did not have to travel to Mankato! I had the comfort of sitting on the couch in my own home!
Denise W.
I have to say, when probation said i had to do this online class. I was very disappointed. But after meeting Angel/Stages Of Change Staff. I really enjoyed this class. i looked forward to every class for talking about how my week went. This class has helped me so much in changing my way of thinking/processing things from day to day life. Thanks Again! And i hope anyone who is skeptical for talking this class! That you do it! And let it allow you to change you for the better!
Nolan L.
I do want to say, you are very inspiring! I’m actually blown away at how fun you made this online class, loved the advice, loved the tips and I loved your attitude. I took everything you said in and have projected some of the information I was taught to others as well. Awesome job!
Lindsey L.
I definitely recommend this program! Angel is a wonderful presenter of the information and keeps all the classes very interesting and enjoyable!! Even better, I was able to do a live skype online so I did not have to travel to Mankato! I had the comfort of sitting on the couch in my own home!
I can not express how amazing this class was. Angel is a wonderful person and makes the class go by so quickly. She’s kind and has such an energetic personality! Mind you she will not put up with any bs. I highly recommend using her classes. They have helped me in more than just my chemical dependency, things she says click in many ways. Thank you Angel for you services and dedication!
Kristi S.
Provided services were outstanding!!! Education classes were convenient and offered flexibility to fit anyone’s busy schedule. Angel is a realist, open minded, and very down to earth and will go out of her way to provide each individual the necessary tools they need to be successful in life. This area is very fortunate to have such an amazing, professional provider to service our community.
Delaine C.

I found this class inspiring. It was a great way to share our experiences and learn from one another in the comfort of our own homes. I also learned a lot about myself and found her material relatable as she presented personally and professionally. I would highly recommend this class.


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